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Tag: Jewish Ritual

The Harvest of Folie

The 7 Beggars companyAn adaptation of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav’s tales Directing and adaptation: Michal GovrinProduction: Judith Graves MillerMusic: Daniel ShalitSet and costumes: Abraham Pincas, Joelle

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Hitkansut for Yom HaShoah

As the generation of Holocaust survivors passes, we must find new, meaningful ways to commemorate the Shoah. Similar to the Passover seder, Hitkansut is guided

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The Seder of This Night

Organized the Seder of the night: Frida Kalpholz, Michal Govrin, Doron Livne, Orna MilloSet the table: Frida KlepfholzIlluminated the Seder: Alan BachinskyOrganized the music: Steven

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The Journey of the Year

Performance – students of the theater department of the Hebrew University, in collaboration with the Khan Theater Department of Theatre in The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

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The Name

Within months of its publication in Israel, The Name was heralded by critics and scholars alike, who compared its author to such writers as Dostoevsky,

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