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Devari-m Series (In Hebrew)

Editors: Michal Govrin and Menachem Lorberbaum

Carmel Publishing House and “Halamish” Association, Jerusalem

The following were published in the Devari-m Series:

  1. Schimmel, H., Cassida (with drawings by Tulkovski, Z.), 2009
  2. Govrin, M. And So Said Jerusalem: Poems and Hymns (whith engravings by Orna Millo), 2008
  3. Liebes, Y., Mnemosyne, Translations of classical Poetry, (with works on paper by Altholz, S.), 2011
  4. Salhoov, S., Torat Ha’Khitukhim, poems (with works on paper by Gordon, M. and Petel, E.), 2011
  5. Lorberbaum, M., Ma’atakim, translations of English Poetry (with works on paper by Sharon Etgar), 2013
  6. Levin, G., Levant, translated from English by Zali Gurevitch, 2016