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Mendel Kohansky – Theater, on “In the Bloom of Her Days”

Ury Eppstein, The Jerusalem Post – on “In the Bloom of Her Days”

On “In the Bloom of Her Days”: Idit Zartal, Michael Handsaltz, Tzafrira Levine-Nir

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In the Bloom of Her Day

By S. Y. Agnon | The Khan Theater | 1977

Directed by: Michal Govrin
Set: Frida Goldberger-Klapholtz
Music: Max Stern
Costume: Judith Westmor
Performed by: Rachel Levi

“In the Bloom of Her Days” is a theatrical adaptation of one of S.Y. Agnon’s love stories. The play tells the story of Tirtza’s love for Akavia Mazal, the beloved of her mother’s youth. The story is narrated as a personal journal, in which Tirtza tells two love stories in parallel: her mother’s and her own. On the stage, a single actress describes the happenings befalling Tirtza from the days of her mother’s illness and death, until the time at which she herself is about to become a mother. The events are few, and are narrated with restraint and understatement, yet it is precisely these characteristics that accentuate the sense of destiny that pervades the story. The staging of “In the Bloom of Her Days aims to translate prose into theatre without any reworking or dramatization, preserving the original literary language of Agnon.

[Extract from the program]

From the publication of the Khan Theater